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Providing Energy Contracting Solutions through our Electrical, Instrumentation and Fabrication Services.

Get your facility’s installation or maintenance project completed on time, on budget, and in compliance with all safety regulations.

Our team of experts has built a solid reputation in the industry for providing electrical, instrumentation, and steel fabrication services. Our capabilities span the full spectrum from daily service and maintenance to comprehensive turnkey solutions for the installation of greenfield Pumping, Compression, Metering, and Storage stations. Our work is backed by full compliance with all regulatory requirements and you can have confidence in knowing that your project will be completed by fully licensed technicians across both Canada and the U.S.

Oil and Gas
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A portfolio that speaks for itself

Our portfolio of successfully completed projects amounts to more than 700,000 connected horsepower for an aggregate value in excess of $115 million.
  • 12 Greenfield Compressor Stations 220,000 HP connected
  • 7 Compressor Station HP additions 55,000 HP connected
  • 34 Greenfield Pump Stations 380,000 HP connected
  • 7 Pump Station HP Additions 45,000 HP connected
  • 60 Meter Stations
  • 14 Tankfarm install/retrofit
  • 21 Mainline Valves
  • 175 Miscellaneous upgrade/repair/retrofit projects
  • 1 Offshore
  • 9 Compressor Station Rewire and Automation Upgrades
  • Similar Projects

Compression Engine Installation for TC Energy project

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