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Leading the way in multi-trade contractor services.

The State Group has successfully navigated our way through multiple evolutions.

Today we continue to be the leaders in our markets as a result of our wealth of experience in existing and emerging industries.  With the successful completion of nearly 4 million work-hours per year on new project sites, retrofit, maintenance, and emergency services in a wide range of industries, we are fully equipped and experienced to handle any project, plant shutdown, rebuild and new equipment installation our customers need.

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General Construction

Multi-Trade Services

Our team can work directly with owners as the general contractor – managing the project’s trades, timelines and costs.

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Electrical Contractor Services

We are fully equipped to provide the electrical contracting, installation and maintenance services for your project or operations.


Mechanical Contractor Services

Diverse and specialized mechanical expertise.


Civil Services

We offer civil services – such as excavation, trenching, and concrete finishing – to enhance the efficiency of your project.



Our experienced teams use industry-leading tools and test equipment to provide installation services, comprehensive service and support.


Industrial Maintenance Services

Get the confidence of having access to on-call or resident maintenance services to ensure minimal operational interruptions. 

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Capitalize on the growing need for renewable energy. Our team can help you develop and install infrastructure and address the technological demands of transitioning to new energy sources.

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