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About State Group


Leaders in multi-trade industrial contractor services.

Established in 1961, we are one of North America’s leading multi-trade Industrial and specialty services contractors. Our teams provide comprehensive multi-trade services, including electrical, mechanical, and civil. Each year we perform over 5.5 million work-hours of retrofit, maintenance, new build, and emergency services. Our customers are served by the expertise of over 4,500 seasoned professionals and support staff – completing projects with the highest safety and quality standards.


Our Mission

  • Exceed our Customer’s Expectations by operating an integrated, multi-disciplined contracting company that provides quality and value through continual improvement.
  • Develop our Employees by providing a safe, challenging and open work environment that rewards high productivity and high customer satisfaction.
  • Respect our Community by being aware, active, and concerned contributors because we care.
  • Secure our Future by providing the highest level of customer service possible and then finding a way to surpass that level, to create the leading multi-trade contractor in North America.

Our Vision

The State Group – the multi-trade contractor of choice:

  • Choice of Customers
  • Choice of Current and Potential Employees
  • Choice of Suppliers

Our Values



We are all responsible to ensure that our fellow workers, customers, partners, and ourselves make it home safe each day. This requires our commitment to safety planning and constantly improving the conditions on every jobsite. Our number one priority is that everyone goes home safe



Our reputation is built on the cornerstone of trust. We build this trust by consistently communicating clear expectations and delivering on our promises. We transparently communicate issues and challenges that arise and demonstrate the highest level of integrity and competency in all we do.

People connected


We believe in autonomy with accountability. We are free to lead in our roles independently, but we are ultimately responsible for the decisions we make and the actions we take. We are also actively investing in our personal and professional development, so we lead ourselves and others well. As we each become better, we all become better.

Team members accomplishing goal


We are a family. We believe more can be accomplished as a team than as an individual and that no one has all the answers. We welcome and value the input and ideas of others, and actively look for ways we can serve those around us. We are passionate about seeing every person reach their full potential as a leader and serve our team by bringing our best every day.



We relentlessly strive to be the best in our industry and provide superior execution in all that we do. We work with a sense of urgency to meet every milestone and leverage opportunities to gain efficiency. We meet and exceed all expectations with a commitment to quality, innovation, and a “no-excuse” mentality.

A holistic approach to leadership

A holistic approach to leadership

We believe in helping every member of our organization reach their potential. Our comprehensive training and skill development programs provide our staff with the opportunities to broaden their horizons right here at The State Group. Through our culture of mentorship, everyone has the ability and opportunity to enhance their leadership skills.

We believe that investing in our staff results in higher performing teams, enhanced job satisfaction, and greater success for our clients.

Everyone Goes Home Safe