Welder in protective gear adjusting helmet with welding torch in hand



Invested in the ambitions of our staff.

Here at the State Group, we’re proud to invest in the ambitions and aspirations of our staff. We are committed to the continuous development of our workforce to always be the industry leader in safety, quality and execution.
Helping every individual in our organization be well prepared for the dynamic situations they may face within their job is crucial to ensuring success and job satisfaction. We aim to equip everyone with the strategic and tactical training that’s optimal for success within their positions and beyond. By enabling our staff to advance within our organization, we create a culture of connectedness and mentorship – where every day becomes an opportunity to learn and share accumulated knowledge and experiences with teammates. This is what creates a rewarding environment for our teams and enhances the excellent service we provide to our clients.

Group Training

Taking a holistic approach to developing our frontline leaders.

We have designed a comprehensive training program to ensure our Field Leaders are highly trained and prepared to confidently meet the ever-growing challenges that industrial contracting presents. It equips them to build a culture of mentorship and community amongst our people where the very best field leaders are teaching the others in their division.

Leaders Wanted