Renewable Energy

A better tomorrow begins today – powering the future through renewable energy and emerging technologies.

Solar PV     EV Charging

Committed to Clean Energy

For over 60 years, The State Group and our family of companies has been there to build sustainable solutions for every energy and emerging technology transformation North America has experienced. From working with the energy sector in their efforts to evolve to cleaner processes and develop more renewable sources, to helping companies produce greener products and develop the infrastructure that delivers power to the point of application, we’ve spent decades investing in not just clean energy, but in the future of our world.

Our commitment to responsible energy production and distribution has fueled our recent work within Solar and the installation of the eMobility Infrastructure needed for the future. Partnering with some of the world’s largest energy producers and industrial production facilities, The State Group remains committed to our mission of creating a better tomorrow powered by cleaner energy today.

We’ve worked with:


Solar PV
Installation Services

The State Group is committed to offering high quality Solar PV Installation services to our customers across North America. Our installation services include:

  • Civil and Electrical Permits
  • Land Prep, Fencing, Security
  • Pile Driving (Partner)
  • Panel Rack and Mount Mechanical Installation
  • Tracker Installation
  • Electrical Installation (our forte)
    • Panels, Inverters, Junction Boxes, Surge Protection
    • Transformers
    • Trackers
    • Connection to the Host System
    • Interconnection to the Grid
  • Cooling Solutions
  • Energy Storage
  • System Testing
  • E2E mechanical, tooling, piping and electrical installation for solar component manufacturing lines

Solar Energy Production is on the Rise

The cost of Solar PV generation is at par or better compared with the cost of more traditional sources of energy. As a result, planned Solar PV Capacity additions are surpassing all other forms of electricity generation.

Our installation team is ready for the challenge. With a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, that is passionate about quality, safety, and the execution of every project, we are fully equipped to partner with our customers to build the future of energy. We pride ourselves on providing our customers a superior service experience and innovative solutions on every project, and we are committed to developing a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

Industry Insights

Planned U.S. Utility-Scale Electric Generating Capacity Additions (2022)

gigawatts (GW)

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration – Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory (October 2021)


e-Mobility Charging

From defining your EV infrastructure requirements and success criteria to exploring opportunities for fed, state, and local incentives/credits on your behalf, our brand agnostic EV experts work with you to develop the right solution for your needs. As certified electricians, our team specializes in a wide range of charging manufacturer’s products to ensure the superior execution of your project. Then once installed, we can provide preventative and reactive maintenance services for your EV hardware.

Field Discovery Approach

  • Define your primary utility service(s), capacity, and current loads
  • Review utility bills to understand your current fee structure(s) & peak demand model
  • Discuss potential locations for installation of EV chargers to optimize value and control installation costs
  • Align on future use case for EV charging and demand model

Design Support Services

  • Design, review, and provide a turn-key solution proposal to match your success criteria
  • Provide guidance and facilitation regarding federal, state, and local incentives and credits available

Installation Deliverables

  • Design and deliver a robust project plan and schedule a formal project kickoff meeting
  • Consistently communicate project updates
  • Upon completion, provide training to stakeholders
  • Transfer all hardware, software, and maintenance documentation

Preparing for an Electric Future

Over the last few years, the majority of automakers worldwide have made pledges to convert their fleets to electric by the end of the decade. With increased adoption of EV technology (168% growth in sales in 2021) and rapidly increasing battery ranges, a nationwide network of charging infrastructure is more important than ever.

As one of North America’s foremost purveyors of clean energy for over a half century, the State Group offers operators the expertise and technology required to get and stay ahead of the EV curve. Working with brands such as FLO, SemaConnect, EV Connect, ChargePoint, and InCharge Energy, with both AC charging and DC fast charging, we remain solution agnostic and operate as a trusted advisor and education partner to our clients as we work to help them navigate the complex world of EV charging infrastructure.

Whatever and wherever the need, we have an EV charging solution.

Case Study

GM Production Facility Electrification

Various (19 Sites) 2020 – Present

  • Bring charging infrastructure solutions to 19 GM sites across the U.S. totalling 400+ ports of EV charging designed to support executive and employee parking electification needs.
  • StateGroup has been positioned as one of three preferred EV solution providers for GM.


Any questions about an upcoming project? Our team is standing by and ready to help.