Blue-tinted close-up of bundled cables and connectors

York University


Fiber Optic & Communication Cabling

  • Location:Toronto, ON
  • Trades:Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC
  • Date:September 2016

The State Group installed Belden 2400 series Category 6 copper cable and Belden fiber optic cable on the York University campus from 2001 ‐ 2016 as part of an extensive infrastructure upgrade.

The State Group installed over 75,000 feet of fiber optic cable throughout the Keele and Glendon campus buildings, and over 3 million feet of Belden 2400 series Category 6 network cable. Fiber optic cables range in size from 12‐strand to 144‐strand cables, with all terminations completed by fusion splicing. Cable pathways typically run through a network of existing steam tunnels and duct banks between buildings, however, The State Group also installed new duct routes by trenching and directional boring.

Many building retrofit projects require State to design new telecommunication rooms, install electrical services and provision HVAC requirements.

State was also asked to design, specify and install a new “disaster recovery” infrastructure consisting of approximately 30,000 feet and 1,400 strands of single mode optical fiber cable distributed to various key buildings. The new network forms a critical redundant infrastructure that supports the growing needs of the campus. State designed the mechanical and electrical infrastructure within a new 5,500 sq. ft. Disaster Recovery Room.

Other projects competed during this period included security cameras, audio/visual, paging, wi‐fi, point‐to‐point wireless, digital signage, electrical substations and cooling tower maintenance.

Sophisticated network infrastructure data center or cable room

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