Century Aluminum


Multi-trade services for a host of upgrades

Installations, and maintenance programs that have continued on an ongoing basis for more than 15 years.

  • Location:Hawesville, KY
  • Trades:Civil, Electrical, Ironwork, Millwrighting, Piping
  • Date:Ongoing since 2005

Scope of work and outcome

Since the outset of the project, State Group teams have performed numerous services at the Century Aluminum facility. From the installation of a new boiler and replacing the overhead building crane rails, to supporting environmental remediation, our teams have been heavily involved in virtually all facets of the facilities operation. Additional contributions include:

  • Anode conveyor system replacements and upgrades.
  • Installation and startup to convert analog systems to PLC controls to the Bake oven stacker cranes.
  • Installation and startup of magnetic separator systems in the carbon bake area.
  • Structural repair of the bake furnace fume exhaust dry scrubber system.
  • Installation of a new bath crusher facility which included the installation of new conveying systems, bucket conveyors, screw conveyors, vibrating feeders.
  • Pot Line 5 Startup 2011 ‐ Ore Handling system and Precipitator repairs.
  • Pot Line 5 Startup 2018 ‐ super structure repairs for the pots.

Our teams continue to provide a multitude of services for Century Aluminum as they are required. Significant upgrading, repairs, and maintenance programs and planned and executed on an ongoing basis.

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