Alcoa Warrick


Resident Multi-Trade Contractor

The State Group has provided multi-trade contracting solutions since 2000.

  • Location:Newburg, IN
  • Trades:Civil, Electrical, HVAC, Ironwork, Piping, Millwrighting
  • Date:Ongoing since 2000
  • Assembly of 7 GE main drives in new PCR
  • PCR systems (ethernet/fiber, lighting, power, HVAC, fire protection)
  • Switchgear and MCC Installation
  • Pot Line start-up – electrical repairs
  • Cooling tower, electrical installation
  • E-Coat line: new developmental line for process development
  • 76 Slitter, process upgrades to system, power and control
  • AGC:
  • 15 KVA Project: civil work for new buildings, field erection (2 large electrical buildings)
  • SO2 Scrubber Project, power and controls (2009)
  • PLC upgrade of potable water system
  • Units 1 to 3 Boiler Control Upgrade
  • Precipitator repairs, Electrical
  • High voltage installations, PM yard, 15kV switch change, modification to bus ducts
  • Transformer repairs and installations
Aerial view of an industrial plant with tall striped chimneys and adjacent water body

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