Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Burlington Lift Bridge, Controls, Drives & Cables

Hamilton, ON
Trades:Electrical, Mechanical, Ironwork, Millwrighting
Date:February 2017

Project Description and Scope:

The State Group was awarded a contract to replace the existing bridge control system (including the controls, drives and overhead cables) at the Burlington Lift Bridge.

The bridge structure is comprised of two towers with a moveable lift span in between that can be lifted and lowered. The lift span is 116 m long, weighs approximately 2000 tons and can be lifted to a height of 36 m to facilitate navigation of large vessels. The span has two‐ way vehicular traffic and a pedestrian walkway along the west side. The existing control system contains the lift mechanism, sheaves and cables. There is one 150 horsepower drive motor in each tower to supply power to the machinery, and one 150 horsepower motor in each tower to synchronize the drive motors (4 motors in total).

This project involved the replacement of controls, drives and overhead cable. The four roadway traffic gates located closest to the lift span and currently referred to as “barrier gates” were removed and replaced with true resistance barrier gates. The new barrier gates are capable of stopping a 2000 kg vehicle, impacting the gate at 70 km/h. The existing tower‐to‐tower aerial cables were replaced.