OPG Ragged Rapids Generating Station

Bala, ON
Date:September 2014

Project Description and Scope:

The State Group was awarded a contract from Ontario Power Generation Central Plant Group, at the Ragged Rapids Generating Station for the Electrical, Control and Protection Upgrades.

Ragged Rapids Station is located on the Musquash River South of Bala Ontario. The facility was placed in service in 1938 and has a maximum continuous rating of 8.3 Mega Watts

The infrastructure is mostly original and has been identified as nearing the end of service life. The scope of work entailed replacing 6.6kV metal switchgear with new arc resistant gear to meet current safety standards. Additionally, replacement of the generator output cable, installation of a new protection and control system and a new Kaplan hydraulic unit for the control of the actuator system.

During this upgrade, the removal of all Hazardous material was done by our Subcontractor, Quantum Murray.

This project was successfully completed with a duration of approximately 12 weeks, thanks to the dedicated State Group team that was assembled for the project.

Having completed this project well ahead of schedule, OPG is able to commence with the necessary commissioning to ensure revenue generating well before original expectations.