No. 4 Galvanizing Line Dual Pot Conversion Project

Hamilton, ON
Owner:ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Date:March 2017

Project Description and Scope:

This project at the ArcelorMittal Dofasco facilities in Hamilton, ON was for conversion of the existing No. 4 Galvanizing Line to Galvalume Coating Line.

The majority of the conversion was performed during an 8-month period from January to September 2016 Shutdown.

The project scope included:

Installation of New Cleaning Section, Upgrading Furnace, Major Structural and Civil modifications, New Hot Bridle, New Retractable Down Chute, Dual Pot and Pre-melt Pot, New APC equipment, New Water Quench system, New Chemical Coating System, New Electrostatic Oiler, New Passivation and Cooling Sections, New Steering Units and Bridles including Complete Electrical Drive and SKP upgrades.