Lester B. Pearson International Airport Installation of Baggage Handling System

Toronto, ON
Owner:Jervis B. Webb
Trades:Electrical, Ironwork, Millwrighting
Date:January 2007

Project Description and Scope:

This project involved the mechanical and electrical installation, testing and commissioning of the entire new state of the art Baggage Handling System and CATSA baggage security system for the New Terminal One at Pearson International Airport. This project was completed over an eight‐year period, during which there were two separate phases and involved the live switchover of conveyor sub systems to facilitate the public opening of the airport.

During the construction phase, it was critical to coordinate between the sub‐trades to ensure a continuous flow of installation to meet the deadlines per the contract schedule. The baggage and screening systems have full redundancy and involved the installation of a fiber data backbone to the Main Baggage Conveyor Control Room and CATSA Security Screening Rooms.

At completion there were installed 11 kilometers of baggage conveyor, 164 check‐in counters, 73 sort laterals, and 13 baggage claim devices.