Ford Motor Co. Waste Water Treatment Plant

Oakville, ON
Owner:Ford Motor Co.
Date:August 2011

Project Description and Scope:

The State Group was the Construction Manager and worked in conjunction with N.A. Water Systems (Veolia Water Systems Technology Company) to provide all of the services required to design, build, commission, and turnover a New Waste Water Treatment Facility for the Ford Oakville Assembly facility.

Ford previously operated an existing treatment system on the Oakville Assembly Plant Powerhouse Parcel (OACPP) that provided removal of solids, oils, and heavy metals from process wastewater prior to discharge to the Regional Municipality of Halton.

The existing treatment system is proposed to be demolished as part of the Environmental Decommissioning and Demolition of the Oakville Powerhouse, WWTP, and Mod Center.

The present paint facility has 12 phosphate stages and 8 e‐coat stages. Raw waste water contains harsh cleaners and potential carryover of Phosphate and e‐coat that are used in the body dip process to remove oils and contaminates from the steel to prepare the Car Body for painting.

Raw waste also comes from the Final assembly area. This is where the cars have the fluid fill stations. Typically a sump pit 2’ x 2’ with an air pump is used in the case of a hose bursting or equipment leakage to contain and remove the fluid.

Pumps then transfer this waste water to the Waste Water Treatment plant l. The flow of raw waste to the treatment plant is 1000 gallons per minute and the effluent that is pumped into the Sanitary piping goes to Halton Region Sewage treatment plant which is also sized for 1000 gallons per minute.

The project was completed under a Design Build contract and the process also incorporates the reuse of existing clarifiers as well as a filter press. Completion of the project was August 2011 on schedule.