Ford Motor Co. Construction Commodity Management

Oakville, ON
Owner:Ford Motor Co.
Trades:Electrical, Mechanical, Millwrighting
Date:Ongoing since 1997

Project Description and Scope:

The State Group has been the resident multi‐trade contractor at the Ford Oakville plant under the Construction Commodity Management (CCM) program since 1997.

The State Group’s work under the CCM program are projects up to USD$1.5 million and include the following services: general construction, mechanical, electrical, boiler maintenance, facility management, machinery/equipment install or relocate, fire protection, and waste management. The State Group also undertakes the conceptual estimate and schedule, construction management, performance evaluation and safety program.

The State Group has union trade technicians to complete the CCM services and provides 7/24 emergency coverage for maintenance needs. The State Group has developed a skilled workforce, intimately familiar with Ford’s expectations and procedures, and can therefore work effectively within the demands of an operating automotive facility.

The State Group has also completed multiple projects varying in magnitude, from day‐to‐day construction maintenance to major capital improvement projects.