Enbridge Flanagan Terminal

Pontiac, IL
Trades:Electrical, Instrumentation
Date:Ongoing since 2008

Project Description and Scope:

State Group has been working at the Enbridge Flanagan Tank Farm since 2008 completing various scopes of work, including the following:

  • Electrical installation for new power to (7) 150,000 BBL Refurbished Tanks with radar gauging, new Substation structure, ESB Building modifications, and new Manifold with valves
  • New Launcher/Receiver, Pig Washer Maintenance Building, New ESB/VFD Building
  • Installation of a new twin 34.5‐4.16 KV /14 MVA Substation on north end of project
  • Electrical installation of (3) new 400HP Booster Pumps, Manifold Valve additions, Metering Skid, and Lab Building
  • Electrical install of (2) 4000HP Mainline Pumps and station work on Spearhead North Reversal Project on Line 62. Electrical install of a 3rd unit addition was later installed.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation installations of (2) new Pump Stations for Line 59 and Line 63. Each station had (3) 4000HP Mainline units, (3) 700HP Booster Pumps, Metering Skids, (2) Launcher/Receiver Buildings, ESB/VFD buildings, and new 34.5‐4.16 KV Substations. Each station had terminal work associated with scope for manifold additions.
  • Electrical installation of (10) new 390,000 BBL Tanks with radar gauging. Existing Manifold extension work to support new tanks with remote ESB Buildings to support tank infrastructure
  • Electrical installation of a new Fire Water Pumphouse Building and water lines to tanks with Infrastructure installation of heat detection system throughout entire tank farmAs Prime Contractor, State Group has completed the following work:
  • Installed new 5KV Switchgear, new 2000HP Pump in existing Pumphouse, demo existing 5KV substation
  • New Substation structure, pulled 5KV cable and fiber for Line 59 & 63 Terminal ESB feeders and Firewater Pumphouse feeder
  • Installed additional lighting on manifold platform at site pole lights at Flanagan terminal