Century Aluminum

Hawesville, KY
Owner:Century Aluminum
Trades:Civil, Electrical, Ironwork, Millwrighting, Piping
Date:Ongoing since 2005

Project Description and Scope:

  • Anode conveyor system replacements and upgrades
  • Installation and startup of an anode crusher systems
  • Package boiler installation
  • Installation and startup of an anode butt stripping system
  • Installation and startup to convert analog systems to PLC controls to the Bake oven stacker cranes
  • Installation and startup of magnetic separator systems in carbon bake area
  • Structural repair of the bake furnace fume exhaust dry scrubber system
  • Overhead building crane rail replacements while maintaining pot line operation
  • Installation of environmental control system: Bag house and support systems
  • Support for environmental remediation project‐ Super Fund Project
  • Installation of Air control system cooling towers
  • Installation of a vibrating anode press and hydraulic system for the manufacturing of green anode blocks
  • Installation of equipment guarding and fall protection systems, to provide improved employee protection, complying with OSHA and ANSI standards throughout the facility
  • Installation of a new bath crusher facility ‐ installation of new conveying systems, bucket conveyors, screw conveyors, vibrating feeders; mechanical and electrical services were provided for the project
  • Pot Line 5 Startup 2011 ‐ Ore Handling system and Precipitator repairs
  • Pot Line 5 Startup 2018 ‐ super structure repairs for the pots
  • Green Mill and carbon bake maintenance to support start up on pot lines in facility
  • Anode Pitch Mixer rebuilds