Aleris Rolling Mill

Lewisport, KY
Owner:Aleris Corporation
Trades:Civil, Electrical, Ironwork, Millwrighting, Piping
Date:Ongoing since 2005

Project Description and Scope:

Hot Mill Three Stand

  • Demolition of existing equipment, installation of new stand and exit end equipment
  • Precision alignments of equipment
  • Power and controls to new equipment
  • Piping of new systems air, hydraulic, cooling water, chilled water
  • Civil package including foundations
  • New hydraulic room and process equipment

Scalper System for Aluminum ingots

  • Foundations for new electrical buildings
  • Foundations and trenches for overhead bridge crane run way structures
  • New bridge crane and runway structure
  • Electrical switch gear, MCC’S Hydraulic skids
  • Installation of new Scalper and Upender
  • Electrical and pipe process
  • Equipment installation

Installation of New Filter Press

  • Removal of existing filter press, installation of new
  • Structural steel package
  • Stainless process pipe install and modification
  • Electrical power and controls

Hot Mill Automation System

  • 4 Phases of upgrades to hot mill automation system
  • Upgrade to PLC based system

New Oil Storage Building

New Electrical Building