Enbridge Bemidji Solar Panel Project


September 5, 2018

The State Group Industrial (USA) Ltd in Bemidji was part of the team that installed the solar panel system manufactured by Wells Technology, a locally owned Native American company. This solar installation will produce 20,000 kw of power annually for Enbridge.

This solar panel demonstration event was held on September 5, 2018 at the Enbridge Bemidji office. The Solar Panel Partners were Enbridge, Wells Technology, EW&C and The State Group. Spectators had the opportunity to witness the switching on of the SunTrac System and were educated on the benefits of rotating panels designed by Wells Technology.

Following the demonstration, Andy Wells, President of Wells Technology, offered a tour of the 52,000 sf manufacturing plant where the SunTrac System is designed and manufactured. The SunTrac Model R-3000 is 2-axis solar tracking systems for photovoltaic energy. The SunTrac uses 12 mono crystal 60-cell panels for a total output of over 3,000 watts at peak performance. The system can be grid-tied for net metering to homes and businesses and additional units can be combined for multi-unit systems. The SunTrac system has been successfully tested in temperatures of -40F to +120F.

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