Calspan Project Messring Propulsion Crash System

Buffalo, NY
Owner:Calspan Corporation
Trades:Millwrighting, Ironwork
Date:December 2018

Project Description and Scope:

The State Group successfully installed the first Messring Propulsion Crash System in the US at The Calspan Facility in Buffalo New York.

The new crash facility is a 58,000 square foot state of the art laboratory, hosting a 700-foot-long precision rail that guides the sled at speeds as high as 70 MPH.

The State Group was held to tolerances of +/- .001 in the overall length of the rail, frames and pit glass in the X, Y and Z Axis. On top of the high tolerances, the installation timeline was just as tight, with a very small window to get the facility up and running.

The State Group met the schedule as well as the budget on the project.